Sweet Peas Spring Mini Capsule

With spring comes the melting of the dreaded snow, and a return to shoes and light sweaters instead of snow suits. My little one, is not so little this spring, apparently the “new growth” isn’t restricted to nature. She has outgrown all her pants, height wise, waist is still tiny. So she needs pants, and if I am making pants then I might as well make shirts, and if I am going to make shirts, I might as well go ahead and make sets, a whole mini capsule. What better designer to make a whole mini capsule from than Pickle Toes Patterns! Everything I planned I already have the pattern for. I can’t wait to show you all the pretty things.

I wrote that first paragraph when I signed up for the blog tour. What was I thinking? It’s early April, in Canada. The day I made the sleeveless shirt, it snowed. The day I was going to start taking pictures, 18 hours of freezing rain. So I made a really cute mini capsule, that will probably not be worn much before late May, because this, is Canada.

I love the patterns designed by Kellie at Pickle Toes Patterns  , it always amazes me that she knows exactly what the Princess wants the day she decides she wants it. I am also very lucky to be one of Kellie’s regular testers, I have so much fun with her designs. I mean I have a shirt in this capsule that is simply that, a hooded shirt, but I fiddled with it a bit and there will be a zipper front hoodie made from it too, not in time for today’s post but maybe in time for Monday. There are always a ton of options to go with each pattern that is released so you really don’t need to jump from one designer to another to be able to make a full wardrobe for your kiddos, just play around with the patterns you pick up from Pickle Toes and I guarantee that you will have a collection worthy of a fashion magazine.  You’ll get a better fit than those clothes you’d buy off the rack,  clothes that don’t fall apart, because you made them. And my favorite part, clothes are extra special to the person wearing them because you put a whole lotta love into every stitch.

Enough yammering, on to the capsule! Oh and how lucky am I that her rain coat just happens to match the colour palette perfectly?! So this whole colour scheme came about because I joined a sew along for the Daisy Pinafore, it’s so cute and I needed it for her for the summer. I let her pick the fabric and this is what she came up with.

She loves it. The straps, the open back, the pockets. The pockets were originally supposed to be these dainty little pouch pockets, but seeing as Sweet Pea really likes collecting rocks I knew we needed rock picking pockets. I was lucky in that every fabric I picked out this year matched with the main fabric, which by the way has got to be 4 years old.

The pants are the Pickle Toes Polliwogs. I have never been very good at getting leggings to work, these were pretty close, almost perfect. She’s is pleased about all but the elastic waist band that I managed to make too tight, but only a little. So I will open that up and try it again.

pants 1

Seeing as I had the pants and the pinafore I thought we may never see summer, she’d better have a hoodie, enter the Sweet Pickles T shirt. It was a simple, quick sew, and I was so pleased with it, I made the unicorn one, just for fun. Oh the plans I had for this mini capsule, only to be foiled but the weather. I am not giving up though, I am planning capris and play shorts, tank tops and more tees and if I can figure out how to change the Sweet Pickles to accommodate a front zipper, there will be another hoodie too.

Of course it is literacy week at school this week and once I got my blog pics taken she reminds me that tomorrow is character day. She is going to be Hermione. So back to the machine I went and using the Sweet Pickle Tee and the circle skirt add on to the Gigi Bowtiful Top, I made her a Hermione outfit.  Thank goodness the big guy wanted to be Percy Jackson, easy peasy, cardboard sword.

There are so many great patterns and I can only sew a few, go check out the other stops on our the blog tour and maybe even win a prize.  While your looking around, go over to Pickle Toes Patterns and get to day dreaming about all the pretty things you could be making.


Welcome to Sew into Spring with Pickle Toes Patterns. Join us for 5 days of sewing our patterns as we prep for the transition from winter to spring. We were lucky enough to have 10 bloggers join us sewing up lovely creations and to have Evelyn at Seweird Fabric sponsor our bloggers and offer us a store credit for one of our lovely readers. You can find Evelyn on Facebook here. At the end of the tour join us for a rafflecopter giveaway featuring a $20 credit from Seweird and a $20 shop credit from us.


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