Holiday Ready, Introducing the Laela Jeyne Juliette Dress

I am one who plans months in advance but I don’t actually start anything until 3 days before I need it.  So when I planned to have mommy and me Christmas outfits with my princess I knew I had to give myself extra time. I had to find a pattern for something for myself that was smart, sexy, classic and beautiful, that was easy enough to make while stressing about other stuff in my life.

I had no idea where to start so when the Laela Jeyne Juliette pattern came out to be tested I jumped on board. After proper fitting and adjusting to my measurements I have a dress that I am wearing  to a fundraising fashion show, and to hubby’s Christmas party, and any dinners we host or get invited to over the holidays.  Best of all I had enough of the fabric to make princess a matching skirt.

I love this pattern. It was so simple. I measured in 3 size categories, but it was so simple to grade from one size to the next. The top is stretch velvet, now the pattern called for woven fabric but I wanted the softness so my lining is woven to help hold the shape and still has the softness I wanted. The skirt is made from a tapestry fabric, and it’s so pretty, unfortunately it is also very stiff and scratchy so I had to line my skirt as well. Little miss has a tutu under hers so no worries about her itching. Usually I write about all the silly little things that went wrong while I was making something, I can’t do that this time because once I was sure of my sizes it went together really quickly and without incident. Shocking I know, I mean this is me after all!!

This dress can be made so many different ways. I have seen ladies make it in a big bold print, or colour block it. I have seen people make the top one fabric and the skirt another. I am even willing to bet I can make a high waisted skirt from this pattern. Easily. I have a lovely plaid that made with this pattern in the Long sleeve option will be a lovely fall dress. In summer I can make the sleeveless in a light flowy fabric and it will be just as lovely.

The options for this pattern are the scoop neck, the round neck or the Queen Anne, and the options for the back are a round back or scoop back. Sleeve lengths are:
• Short Sleeve
• 3/4
• Long
With all those options what more can you ask for? Strapless you say? Of course there is an option to make this as a strapless as well. The instructions include great graphics for inserting the boning in the strapless bodice

The only thing left to do is choose my shoes, accessories and  decide on which Jams I’m going to put on.

blog tour accessories


I encourage you to explore all the stops on the testers blog tour. These ladies have amazing talent and inspired style. Enjoy! Then go to the website and pick up the pattern which is available at a sale price right now! or if you don’t feel right buying a pattern just for you, there is a sale price on the collection sold as a bundle, you’ll be able to make something for the whole family!



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