Where did the summer go?

I haven’t been publishing as many posts as I had hoped to over the summer, but that’s because I haven’t sewn as much as I had hoped to either.  I had a plan, I was going to make a bunch of new clothes for the kids to have for back to school. Yeah well, they haven’t even given me time to go through what they have and figure out what fits and what is too small. Luckily for me I have most of September to work on warm clothes before it gets too cold to be out in shorts and t shirts. I have a new system that I am hoping helps me to keep track of the patterns I have and not buy something from a designer that I already have from a different designer. I am hoping to learn how to use fabric paint to make stencils on tee shirts for the boy as well as some fun girly stuff for the princess.  So here I sit trying to figure out where to fit sewing into my schedule, a schedule that at the moment also includes cleaning the house and sorting the camping stuff to be put away for the summer, buying school supplies and first and foremost getting the sewing room back to a state I can sew in. Over the summer the kids stuff and the hubby’s stuff have randomly landed in my space, so I need to get through that before I lose my marbles. I have made 2 cute things, an Orbit skirt in the adult size for myself and a quick sew sundress for the princess, I will post some pictures of those when I get time to take some good pictures 🙂 I plan on getting one to two things done per week, if I put my mind to it I think it can be done without stressing too much. Todays plan, go through the dressers and pull out all the things I know don’t fit, and all the things that are questionable, the kids will have a fit fashion show tonight. I might take pictures to show how much they’ve grown in the past year 🙂 The Princess has grown enough that her waist is finally the same size as her required length in pants, finally. On the down side her feet that have always been puny, have finally decided to catch up and she has gone from a size 10 to an 12 in 2 months. I think she needs to cut it out with the salad 😉