Test pattern of the Banksia Dress by Fresh Stitch Patterns.

I’m a little slow on the draw here but I am getting this done finally. This is the Banksia Dress by Fresh Stitch Patterns, that I was lucky enough to test for Kylie. It’s a beautifully organized pattern with easy to follow instructions and lots of great pictures. I had a couple of issues with the straps but when I look back at the directions now,  I realize it was my own mental block that was causing all the problems, and maybe a little of “I went too fast and didn’t read the instructions properly”. In the end it is a great pattern and a great dress.  My Little absolutely adores it and she has been wearing it as a sundress when it’s warm here and with a t shirt and leggings when it cools down, which happens a lot lately seeing as it’s mid October in Central Canada. 
You can get the Banksia on Etsy (https://www.etsy.com/ca/shop/Freshstitchpatterns?ref=shop_sugg)   She has a lot of beautiful things in her shop, please go over and take a look.  My next blog post will not be 2 months in the writing so please bear with me 🙂
Banksia Dress  Banksia Dress (3) Banksia Dress (4)